All your knowledge is about the past. All your decisions are about the future.

Æra is a strategic innovation studio, transforming insight into ideas and ideas into business.

We help corporations innovate like start ups and start ups scale like corporations.

We believe the best way to understand the future is to create it.

We are Æra.

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In order to make something new, we must learn something new. We explore the present and the future through different lenses; user needs, core competence, established truths and discontinuities. We talk to users and interview experts, explore trends and look to other businesses. Discussing, challenging and refining what we have learned we arrive at key insights unlocking new opportunities. 


Concept >


Building on the key insights we unlock innovation spaces. We help building viable, meaningful, strong and profitable business concepts. We explore new value propositions, new business models and new channels. Combining business with design thinking we are the architects helping our clients build a portfolio of new concepts and initiatives. The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

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Experiment >


We believe concepts is a platform for new and refined learning. Before launching we need to adjust the different elements, examine the potential of the concept and continue the dialogue with our users. Prototyping, staging and observing the customer experience in a natural habitat will minimise risk and cost before launching. We do a series of experiments to test our hypotheses and concept, seeking both answers and new questions. The goal: Better decisions.